Style / Approach

Natural and Un-posed

This is the way we shoot: totally naturally. We don’t ‘set up’ any shots, we don’t put you into poses; we capture the real-life, true moments of your day, observing and recording those moments as they happen. We won’t be carting around huge flashes and stands, asking you to wait around for ages as I set up equipment, getting you to put one hand here and one arm there – we photograph you and your guests totally naturally. We can still do some group shots, of course, but these are best kept to a minimum so that I can get back to getting those candid moments.


We thrive on capturing moments, and capturing them creatively.


Our whole aim is for you to not even be aware that we are there, enabling us to get natural – yet creative – images such as this.


Storytelling not storymaking

 Each moment we capture is one small part of your wedding story, and that’s exactly what it is – YOUR story, not the photographer’s. So we won’t take the rings and place them on a piano. We won’t ask the groom to shake the father of the bride’s hand. We photograph the real elements of your day; the real interactions, the real details as they are, in their actual context. So we’ll capture that handshake as it naturally happens, and we’ll photograph the rings in context – such as if they’re on the side during groom preparations, being double-checked by the best man, or – surely the way that means the most – when they’re placed on your fingers.


That moment of pure joy; you’re husband and wife! Timing is so important when it comes to storytelling.


What’s the definition of a creative wedding photographer? Well, I’d say that it’s someone who wants to capture each scene in a non-standard or unique way. Be this down to a creative composition, unusual angle, depth of field, use of light – or whatever means – the end result is a set of images where each frame can stand as a strong, artistic image in its own right. Our aim is to create images throughout the entire day that are wall-hangable, not just images of the two of you.


Photographers, not salesman.

Photographing weddings is what we love to do, not selling. That’s why we include all your photos, full-size and watermark free, as standard. We don’t limit the number we give you, with the intention of you paying up for more; we don’t only edit a select few, as some other photographer do – we individually edit every photo, and you receive them all. Obviously the exact number varies from wedding to wedding, but you can expect around 700 – 1500. Now, we not saying this to impress anyone with numbers – as quality is obviously more important that quantity – but we just want you to know that we won’t be limiting you, pushing you to pay more to receive more of your photos – we have absolutely no interest in that. You can make prints, albums or canvases from the files you receive, and though you can also do this through me, we don’t have any interest in pushing this on to you at all; to us, the essence of wedding photography is in the capturing, the images – not the selling.

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